Installation Posted On Oct 20 2023

Type of battery

MF battery (Maintenance Free Battery)

  • Made from lead calcium (CA / CA) and tin mixed with elements to prevent distilled water and high corrosion resistance.
  • Use sulfuric acid with a specific gravity about 1.260 - 1.280. SP.GR (STD) is able to store and supply power well with high performance.
  • Fill the acid and charge with 100% complete from the factory. No need to add distilled water throughout the lifetime (Free Maintenance).
  • Keep the power to start the engine for a long time. Although a car is seldom use.

CV battery (Conventional Battery)

  • Made from lead, antimony and silium to produce positive-negative plates
  • Plate is a dry compressed sheet which charges about 70% of the capacity. When adding sulfuric acid (specific gravity about 1.240 - 1.260 (STD) to the battery, then charge for 2-4 hours to get 100% full power.
  • Always maintain the battery with distilled water.
  • Suitable for heavy-duty vehicles